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Studio Barn

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Suitable for All Levels



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One thing I will say is this.....Definitely UNIQUE!!

I get asked this question all the time, how did you decide to turn this old barn into your studio? 

That's easy I had a vision and I had the opportunity, and more importantly, I needed to get back in person and do what I love doing.

The best part is that my studio barn is located on a beautiful quiet property, stunning views, a gorgeous pond and tons of green. The vibe I wanted to create was a place that feels zen, peaceful, warm and welcoming. I did not want to create that bootcamp vibe, I wanted my place to have a uniqueness that sets it aside from everyone else.

So my barn studio was actually a real stable barn that was used for horses. I thought this was really cool and I love its history of it. We took the upstairs of the stable barn which was where the hay was stored and it had an opening shoot to drop the hay. Not to mention had to use a built-in ladder to climb up and get in.....So I"m that person who doesn't like climbing ladders. I did it!!! 

I saw past all this and knew I could transform this barn into my studio.


The renovations started and it came with many challenges, but we made it work and I am forever grateful to my husband who was my contractor and made my dream come true. ​


Now I get to share this space with you.

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