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Fit With Francine


My name is Francine Colangelo

I am the owner and one of the trainers of my FWF Fit with Francine Studio Barn!!! 


If you haven’t yet tried my classes, well this is your calling.

Let me start by saying that my classes are full of energy and fun vibes, great music and smiles all around even when I’m pushing you to the limit. 


My practice is to teach you how to use your body, without injury, it’s getting you results and most of all feeling good about yourself.

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Meet the Team

Meet my beautiful trainers!

I wouldn't be able to do this without my amazing team!


Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

My FWF 10-week transformation program will allow you to learn to make better choices and feel better both physically & mentally.  You will be guided weekly with accountability from me as your coach.  My FWF 10-week transformation is not about depleting your body of nutrients or starvation.  This is a program that is will teach you how to live a well-balanced lifestyle. Never be scared to try something new, you are never alone and always remember it's one day at a time.

My Vision

It has always been my vision to be able to reach out to everyone and spread my energy and passion for my love of fitness and well-being.  Not only do I offer in-person studio group fitness, but I have also created my 10-week transformation program to provide you with proper guidance to get healthier and lose weight. I am a big believer in living a balanced lifestyle and listening to your body. My practice revolves around feeding your body, soul and mind with nutritious food, movement throughout your body and taking care of your mind.  My vision when I created my studio and classes was to be able to provide my members with a variety of different classes that allows everyone to be able to do them. It's not about physically overusing your muscles that cause injury, it's about being mindful and listening to your body and still getting results.

Our Clients Say

FitwithFran has been an important part of my life for over a couple of years now. Her program has had a positive impact on my mental health and well being. Her workouts and program have taught me how to take care of my body, eat well, challenge myself and most importantly make time for myself. Fran’s support, uplifting energy and love motivates me, keeps me going and has helped me maintain a balanced lifestyle. Her program has been life changing.

Laurel Donison

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